Sharing a Year of Insight About YouTube Shorts

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YouTube Shorts celebrated its 1st anniversary last September 2020. As such, the platform published an infographic of what they learned about Shorts. Shorts are 60-second music clips like that of TikTok. Like Super Chats and Super Stickers, they are a great way for creators to monetize video content. So, YouTube released a $100 million Shorts fund. It also lowered the threshold for community posting and launched a video campaign aimed to boost the usage of Shorts.

Recently, YouTube publishes an infographic sharing a year of insights about YouTube Shorts.

  • YouTube discovered that both Shorts creators and viewers wanted a clear separation between long-form videos and Shorts. So, they will be placing more Shorts players across YouTube.
  • Shorts help creators grow their audiences and easily create short-form video content. To unlock more creatives, it will update its audio picker, sound remix, and text editor.
  • Viewers of Shorts enjoy creating unique short clips that align with their YouTube interests. To boost the engagement of Shorts, it will be moving the comment, like, and share button at the side of the screen. It will also enable a new create button on YouTube’s watch page. 
  • YouTube launched the $100 million Shorts fund to incentivize creators in creating short-form videos. Soon, it will develop a program to monetize past, present, and emerging creators’ paths.  

Implications for Marketers: 

It is worth tapping into the power of Shorts when it comes to YouTube marketing. YouTube Shorts are fun and engaging. They can spark interest when promoting a brand, product, or service.


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