YouTube Shorts Partners with Ed Sheeran

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  1. Are you a fan of YouTube Shorts?

    It’s a TikTok clone that features a 60-second vertical music clip. YouTube initiated a $100 million Shorts fund to encourage creators to innovate on Shorts as it expanded such a feature to more regions. Recently, YouTube promoted Shorts via a music clip entitled “I’ll Keep It Short” by Camila Cabello and The Weeknd. Today, YouTube Shorts partners with Ed Sheeran. 

The partnership will showcase 14 Shorts featuring the following Ed Sheeran’s music tracks

  • 2step
  • Bad Habits
  • Be Right Now
  • Collide
  • First Times
  • Leave Your Life
  • Love in Slow Motion
  • Overpass Graffiti
  • Sandman
  • Shivers
  • Stop the Rain
  • The Joker and The Queen
  • Tides
  • Visiting Hours

They will be officially be launched on the 29th of October. Shorts users can then create their own #SheeranShorts for each track. 

Implications for Marketers: 

As YouTube partners with Ed Sheeran, it is boosting its TikTok clone engagement and reach via popular musicians. Marketers can take advantage of such high engagement and reach by using Shorts to advertise a brand, product, or service. With 1.86 billion YouTube users, you can never go wrong with Shorts.


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