New Improvements on YouTube’s Captions

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Here are new improvements on YouTube’s Captions! Edward Lo details the 3 new improvements through the Creator Insider channel. Edward notes that these new experiences are designed to improve the accessibility of audio and captions.

First, the English live automatic captions will now be available for all creators. Previously, it is only available to channels with 1000+ subscribers. To disable or enable such function, creators can go into their live control room. YouTube plans to add more languages to live automatic captions in the future.

Second, on YouTube for desktop, auto-translation allows viewers to auto-translate available caption tracks on their CC menu to another language. YouTube also expands such auto-translation of subtitles to its mobile studio app.

Third, YouTube now launches searchable captions in transcripts. Video chapter search and transcripts have been on the desktop app for quite some time. But now, YouTube is enhancing the video transcript experience by making it searchable. Searchable transcripts allow viewers to search for the most interesting and relevant information without watching an entire video. It will be available to both desktop and mobile versions.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new improvements on YouTube’s Captions are a great way for creators and viewers to better connect within the platform. Marketers can take advantage of these new features to maximize their video ads and campaigns on mobile studios. 


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