Video Chapter Search – A New Phase of Searching on YouTube

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YouTube is introducing new ways to easily find content. Video chapter search is a new phase of searching on YouTube. The platform’s library of content is what sets it apart from other social media networks. Chances are YouTube has whatever you are looking for. People commonly refer to thumbnails to view what a video is all about. But today, they can do this directly on the search tab.

Before this update, YouTube added auto-complete hashtags, automated video chapters, and clips. These are elements of search that the platform is working on right now. Video chapter search is connected with automated video chapters and clips. As people search for YouTube videos, a drop-down option appears. Tapping on it will show the video chapters for regular video content. Each chapter details the topic to be discussed. As such, users can go straight to the video chapter they are interested in. YouTube announced that the initial rollout of video chapter search is not available to all YouTube videos. But moving forward, they are gradually rolling it out to all videos.

YouTube’s video chapter search is now available as of 17 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s video chapter search is indeed a new phase of searching in the platform. With a new creator website and “new to you” recommendations, marketers can boost the discovery of their YouTube video ads. To maximize video chapter search, it may be worth segmenting video ads and adding separate niches or topics for each chapter.


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