Segmenting YouTube Analytics Per Content Types

Segmenting YouTube Analytics Per Content Types

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Remember YouTube’s sneak peek at its 2022 analytics? It aims to separate search insights per content type. Today, the platform is segmenting YouTube analytics per content type.

The new format removes the engagement and reach tabs, and replaces them with the content tab. The content tab houses separate analytics for all formats,  live streamsregular videos, and Shorts. It also breaks up revenues, traffic, and watch time for each type of format. Channel creators can only see the format they have uploaded to their YouTube channel. Once they have uploaded a new video content format, it automatically appears within the content tab. Such an update will roll out to all YouTube creators in the coming week. The change applies to YouTube for Android, Desktop, and iOS.

Implications to Marketers:

It will now be easier for marketers to track the individual performance of content types. If they want to compare all formats across, the “All” tab can help. Furthermore, brands can better plan their content strategy on YouTube with these advanced options.


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