Enabling YouTube Comments Panel and Teaser on Desktop

Enabling YouTube Comments Panel and Teaser on Desktop

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Here’s to building YouTube of the future. Besides enabling an activity graph and segmented analytics per video content, the platform is now enabling a comments panel and teaser on the desktop.

  1. Currently, comments can be found below a video on the YouTube for Desktop watch page

    On mobile and tablet apps, comments show in a teaser that opens in an engagement panel when tapped by users. YouTube is now redefining the comment experience by enabling a comment teaser across all surfaces. The teaser will appear below the video. When clicked, it opens the comments on an engagement panel to look below the video. Comments will still appear below the video if a user does not engage in the comment teaser.

  2. Implications to Marketers:

    As YouTube enables a comments panel and teaser on desktop, its goal is to enable the user to continue watching the video while scrolling in the comments section. As such, marketers can find a way to highlight their product features more in the comment section of a video ad.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IjMDNHxDRc

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