New Video Activity Graph on YouTube

New Video Activity Graph on YouTube

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YouTube is back on the game! After receiving a brand safety distinction from the MRC, the platform enabled a green screen option for Shorts and membership gifting. A new video activity graph on YouTube has also been rolled out.

The announcement was made via the Creator Insider channel. Last October, YouTube has been testing an activity graph. It lets creators see which parts of a video appeal to viewers. Today, a new activity graph on YouTube will help creators easily navigate them. The peaks of the graph show parts of the video that have been most replayed. Around 85% of viewers are also seeking such a feature. So, YouTube also makes the new activity graph visible to viewers.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube’s new activity graph is a new option for creators and marketers which part of their videos appeals to the audience. They also have to wait and see if the new activity graph affects watch time, as creators aired. But moving forward, They can use it as teasers or thumbnails to highlight what a long-form video can offer.


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