Rolling Out YouTube Membership Gifting

Rolling Out YouTube Membership Gifting

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Membership gifting is a highly requested feature of YouTube. That is why the platform is now rolling YouTube membership gifting. It is now under test launch on YouTube for desktop to a small number of YouTube channels in Japan.

To access membership gifting, users can click the dollar sign below the live chat button. It allows existing channel members to purchase and share memberships with other viewers during a live stream. They can select from a preset number of gifts. These will be distributed to top fans of the channel who are not yet channel members. The viewer must opt-in to allow gifts on the YouTube account. Recipients will receive one month of premium membership where they can receive exclusive badges, emojis, premium content, and other goods. Gifts purchased are announced during the live stream.

Implications to Marketers:

Just like includes Super ChatsSuper Stickers, and Super Thanks, membership gifting is a great way for followers to show support for YouTube creators. It can help marketers better build communities by showing top fans how good is it to be a channel member.


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