Building YouTube of the Future

Building YouTube of the Future

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YouTube recently join the Upfronts. It is a mid-May event for digital and linear TV advertisers held every year. The platform hits the Upfront spotlight to showcase building YouTube of the future.

A recent Nielsen report showed that YouTube is the number 1 global streaming platform. In the US alone, the app has 230 million viewers monthly. They are excited to watch what MrBeast is doing. They get ideas on the latest tech gadgets from Marques Brownlee. In 2021, YouTube recorded 135 million CTV users. YouTube also covers 50% ad-supported streaming on TV screens.

All these prompts build YouTube of the future. The platform now offered a better TV streaming experience through a 4k package. It also enabled ad frequency caps to Display and Video 360. Recently, YouTube received a brand safety distinction award from the Media Rating Council (MRC).

Implications to Marketers:

Building YouTube for the future means helping creators and marketers connect with YouTube communities. With continuous innovations, YouTube is indeed a vital element of digital marketing.


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