YouTube Receives MRC Brand Safety Distinction

YouTube Receives MRC Brand Safety Distinction

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YouTube’s 2022 goals are collaboration, commerce, and community. Based on these goals, the platform doubled its efforts in encouraging respectful interactions and tackling misinformation for a better YouTube experience. Today, YouTube ads receive an MRC brand safety distinction.

It is the second year around when YouTube received an award from the Media Rating Council (MRC), a non-profit media auditor for social media ads. Last year, YouTube received a brand safety accreditation on the content level. Today, MRC awards the platform with brand safety distinction. It means that YouTube is a guaranteed safe partner when it comes to ads and campaigns.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube’s MRC brand safety distinction makes it better for marketers to run video campaigns. With a reputable seal in protecting creators, partners, and viewers’ safety, a trusted platform can help increase awareness, engagement, and loyalty.


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