YouTube Theater Takes the Stage

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YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Recently, its partner program for creators has reached 2 million memberships. Today here’s another new to you by YouTube as it takes a 6000-seat theater on the stage. 

Shadowing the SoFi Stadium, the YouTube theater is located in Inglewood, California. It is a blend of the physical and digital world as YouTube’s VP of Brand, Media, Culture, and Creative, Angela Courtin, said. It will host a variety of live streams such as award shows, community gatherings, concerts, conferences, corporate functions, esports competitions, and performances. Hollywood Park officially cut the ribbon for YouTube theater with a giant pair of scissors last week. The first event at the YouTube theater will be the Hollywood Black Comedy Festival on the 3rd of September.  

YouTube theater takes the stage by 27 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube theater is another milestone for the video-sharing platform. Marketers should keep an eye on the events for such a huge infrastructure. They may be an opportunity for partnership in promoting a brand, product, or service.


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