YouTube Tests “Search Insights”

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Here’ another major announcement from YouTube’s Creator Insider! YouTube is now testing “Search Insights.” 

YouTube knows how search is important for content planning and creators. Insights give a strong signal of what people are searching for and what they would like to view on the platform. YouTube has also heard feedback from creators that they want to know what the audiences are looking for to help them create more relevant content. It will also help them create content that resonates with the audience and viewers’ interests.

As explained by Alina Verbenchuk, Product Specialist on YouTube Analytics, “Search Insights” will allow YouTube Creators to see parts of what has been searched in the last 20 days. All of the insights are in aggregated form. So, creators will not be able to track individual searches for individual users. The experiment has two parts. 

  • First, creators will have the ability to see what their audience and channel viewers are looking for on YouTube.
  • Second, creators will have the ability to look at viewer searches for any keyword for thousands of topics on YouTube.

YouTube is also experimenting with a new concept called “Content Gaps.” A search becomes a content gap when viewers cannot find the information they are looking for. Technically, a content gap exists under these three conditions:

  • If viewers cannot find any results for a particular search query
  • If viewers cannot find an exact match for the topics they are searching for
  • If viewers find that a search content is of low quality or resolution

Content gaps can be found under the “Viewers Searches” tab. Here, creators will see the top searches from your viewers and channels similar to yours. The volume of a search query on YouTube falls under three white buckets – high, medium, and low. Besides these, creators can also see the number of views that your channel got from the particular search query. When a creator reviews the searches across the YouTube tab, he can filter and see searches that are tagged as a content gap.

YouTube hopes on search insights is to improve content planning and research.

Implications for Marketers

YouTube’s search insights can help creators discover what YouTubers are searching for. As such, YouTube marketers can strategically plan to create content that interests their target audiences.


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