YouTube Launches Reusing Previous Upload Details, New Membership Tab, and More Mobile Views Performance

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Here are some more updates from YouTube’s Ads Policy Manager, Conor Kavanagh!

YouTube launches reusing previous upload details, new membership tab, and more mobile views performance.

Reusing Details of Previous Uploads

Reusing details of previous uploads is applicable for new uploads within the upload flow on YouTube for desktop. Creators can now reuse captions, descriptions, titles, etc. The move aims to help creators save time by recreating the same kind of metadata that creators have used in their previous videos.

Creators can still copy and edit the metadata. Reusing details of previous uploads is something different because it allows reusing different versions instead of a one-set template.

YouTube Studio’ New Membership Tab 

YouTube Studio’s new membership tab sits under the monetization tab. The new version provides insights including monthly revenue and total member count. These come along with new data and tools to better manage performance. 

What’s cool about the membership tab is that creators can view the number of members over time. Creators can also compare the metrics to the previous billing period so that they can further enhance tracking performance. 

YouTube will also show creators the cancellation feedback from members who chose to cancel. It can help creators better understand the cancellation decisions. 

More Views Performance on YouTube Mobile

YouTube enables three views performance metrics on YouTube Mobile. These insights are previously available only on YouTube for desktop. Creators on YouTube Mobile can now see views from the last 28 days, weekly views performance for those who upload videos weekly, and monthly views performance.

Implications for Marketers: 

These new updates on YouTube aim to better support creators with performance insights and make it easier for them to upload video content. For marketers, the updates can help them improve their video marketing strategy to boost discovery, engagement, and sales.


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