New Video Posts on Instagram Will Automatically Be Shared as Reels

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No one can ever doubt the popularity of short-form videos. That is why Instagram continuously finds ways to boost the usage of Reels. It is TikTok’s main competitor. With creative tools like photo remixes and templates, there is one more than the platform does to push the usage of Reels. Today, new video posts on Instagram will automatically be shared as Reels.

Any new video uploads that are less than 15 minutes will now show on the Instagram Reels tab.  If the Instagram account is public, it can be discovered and remixed into Reels, except if the IG account owner disabled the remixing option under the settings. Instagram will also encourage users to make such video posts more interesting by adding effects and music using the Reels editing tools.

Implications to Marketers:

Sharing video posts on Instagram Reels is a great way for marketers to boost conversion and engagement. As Reels get popular, videos in the tab can be a potential inspiration for Reels ads.


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