Meta Turns Tuesday Nights as VR Games Night

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Meta is set to win back the millennials. After the full launch of Facebook Reels, the platform now turns Tuesday nights as VR games night.

Quest Night is Meta’s VR games night. Every Tuesday, Meta encourages Facebook users to schedule a live stream or play party on Messenger. Using their Oculus Quest VR headsets, they can play traditional multi-player games such as Demeo, Pokerstars VR, Walkabout Midnight, etc. It aims to boost VR gaming as part of Meta’s AR & VR vision.

Implications for Marketers:

Meta’s VR games night is an opportunity for marketers to advertise products and services for gamers and streamers. In the long run, as VR gaming surge on Facebook, it can be a new option to boost brand awareness and conversion on the platform.


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