Expanding Direct Access to YouTube Shorts on Mobile

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Shorts are in the spotlight! They are becoming a favorite among YouTube creators and users. So, the platform is expanding direct access to YouTube Shorts on mobile. It means that global users on YouTube for Android and iOS can now have direct access to Shorts once they log back in.

Shorts are 60-second music clips similar to TikTok. YouTube celebrated the feature’s 1st anniversary last September. It expanded the $100 million Shorts fund to more regions. It also entered into a partnership with Ed Sheeran to campaign for Shorts. 

As YouTube expands direct access to YouTube Shorts on mobile, users who logged out on their previous session on the Shorts screen will now be directed to the Shorts feed once they log back in. The latest uploaded Shorts will appear on the screen to boost discovery. 

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube Shorts are a great way for marketers to create engaging and fun campaigns. If a brand is targeting millennial YouTubers, the expansion of direct access to YouTube Shorts can greatly help in discovery, engagement, and sales.

Reference: https://techcrunch.com/2021/11/08/youtube-to-expand-test-that-reopens-mobile-app-directly-in-its-tiktok-rival-shorts/

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