New Ways to Combat YouTube Fake Accounts and Spam

New Ways to Combat YouTube Fake Accounts and Spam

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YouTube knows that comment spam and identity-related abuse are major concerns among creators. That is why the platform continuously creates tools to better protect users against comment spam. The platform also aims to make it harder to impersonate creators. Today, the platform introduces new ways to combat YouTube fake accounts and spam.

YouTube now enables stricter restrictions on comment moderations. Creators can now hold certain comments before they publicly appear on their channels. Enabling the auto-moderation tool will increase alerts and detection of potentially inappropriate comments and spam. Any solicitations or spam will be filtered under the “Held for Review” tab. YouTube will also no longer allow hiding the number of subscribers. The step aims to avoid channel impersonation. In addition, YouTube will also limit using special characters to channel names. All these updates will take effect by the end of July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

The new ways to combat spam and fake accounts on YouTube can help marketers improve the sales process. As they keep the ecosystem safe and secure, it promotes brand reputation and trust.


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