New Reels Features from Meta

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Short-form videos are the new trend in social media. Facebook and Instagram have Reels, while YouTube has Shorts. Both are TikTok clones of 15 to 90 seconds music remixes. Today, Meta enables new Reels features.

First off, Meta introduces stickers for images and videos on Reels. Reels Creators can now connect with others via emojis, polls, and quizzes. They can also join or start a trend using link stickers. Second, Reels creators can turn their memories and stories via auto-created Reels. Through a “Create from Your Story Archive” prompt in the Reels creation flow, both Facebook and Instagram users can convert video assets into Reels. Third, Meta expands cross-posting, insights, remixing, and Stars to Facebook Reels. Through cross-posting, users can share Reels from Facebook to Instagram or vice versa. Insights in the Creator Studio can help you know which Facebook Reels are working or not.

Alternatively, Facebook users can add a spin on Reels using a remix sequence. Last, Meta enables Stars for Facebook Reels creators to earn money through tipping. To be eligible, a creator must maintain at least 1000 followers over the last 60 days.

Implications to Marketers:

The new Reels features can help Facebook & Instagram marketers boost conversion, engagement, reach, and revenue using Reels ads. No wonder, Reels are the closest competition to TikTok clips today.


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