New Remixing Options for YouTube Shorts

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YouTube Shorts are TikTok clones. They are music clips that last up to 60 seconds. After segmenting YouTube analytics per content type, the platform found out about the rising popularity of such video format. As such, it enables new remixing options for YouTube Shorts. In the recent YouTube weekly news flash, YouTube is rolling out the Cut, Drafts, and Green Screen options for Shorts.


The cut option will allow creators to sample a 1-second to 5-second segment as a Shorts intro clip from eligible Shorts and VODs. It can be done by clicking the three dots menu while watching a YouTube video or by tapping the “Create” button on the Watch page. Please note that Shorts created from the cut option will show an attribute link of the original source.


Until today, Shorts creator can only save one Shorts draft at a time. But a drafts icon added on the bottom right of an iOS Shorts screen will now allow saving multiple Shorts drafts. Users cannot access Shorts drafts on none-iOS devices.

Green Screen

YouTube Shorts is also rolling out the green screen option for iOS users. The green screen option allows Shorts creators to use original or modified audio and video in their Shorts clips. Like cuts, Shorts created from the green screen option will show an attribute link of the original source.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube Shorts are increasingly becoming popular like other short-form video counterparts. The new remixing options can help marketers create better Shorts ads and campaigns to boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales.


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