YouTube Is Testing Customizable Comments for Super Thanks

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Here is one more super update from YouTube that happened before 2021 ended. YouTube is testing customizable comments for Super Thanks. Last July, it was the latest addition to content monetization among YouTube creators. The two others are Super Chat and Super Stickers.

Super Thanks allow viewers to tip creators between $2 and $50 or their local currency equivalence. It replaced the “Viewer Applause” feature. Under beta to a small group of creators, a fan who purchases the feature gets a bonus comment saying “Thanks!” Such a comment is not editable. 

Today YouTube is experimenting with customizable comments for Super Thanks. It will allow supporters to have a more meaningful interaction with their favorite creators. The test is initially available to a small number of YouTube viewers. But it will be rolled out to more users gradually in the coming months.

Implications for Marketers: 

Customizable comments for Super Thanks can boost engagement within a YouTube channel. For marketers, they can be opportunities for more intimate communication with brand or influencer followers.


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