New Updates on YouTube Mobile Studio

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YouTube announces new updates on YouTube mobile studio! 

Comment Filters

The new comment filters now allow creators to search the following:

  • Comments with a question under “contained question.”
  • If a commenter has a certain number of subs under “subscriber count.”
  • If a commenter is publicly subscribed to the channel under “subscriber status.”
  • If a creator has already replied to comment under “response status.”
  • If commenter who is a channel member or not under “member status.”
  • Specific words under “search.”

All of these options will appear when you go to the comment section of a certain video post.

Currency Setting

Under the settings of the “Revenue Metrics” within YouTube Analytics, a new “Currency” setting appears. It allows a creator to change the type of currency showing on YouTube payments and revenues. 

Monetization Appeals

YouTube adds a “Request Review” button at the monetization (yellow $ icon) field of the “Content” tab in YouTube mobile studio. It means appealing to a video monetization decision. Once submitted, a policy specialist will review the claim. 

Navigation Bar

An updated bottom navigation bar now shows on a YouTube page. It includes moves comments, content analytics, dashboard, and playlist for easy switching and further visibility. 

YouTube adds new updates to its mobile app on 20 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s new updates to its mobile app make it easier for both advertisers and creators to manage a channel within mobile devices. It also allows easier monitoring of YouTube ads and campaigns.


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