Get Ready, Set, and Shop on YouTube with Shopify

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Here’s good news for YouTubers! Get ready, set, and shop on YouTube with Shopify. The two platforms enter into a partnership this 19th day of July 2022. Shopify is one of the largest global eCommerce stores. While YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world with an MRC brand safety distinction.

The partnership between Shopify and YouTube will allow Shopify merchants to showcase their brands, offerings, products, and services using video ads. First, they will need to log in or register for a YouTube Shopping account via the Google channel app. Second, connect it to the YouTube account of your brand or business. Once integrated, you can now feature a full range of products and offerings via YouTube live streams, store tab, and video ads.

Implications to Marketers:

Marketers will find it easier to showcase Shopify catalogs on YouTube’s store tab and video formats. As YouTube partners with Shopify, it makes eCommerce better and the best.


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