An Easier Way to Upload Instagram Video

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Remember when Adam Mosseri announced Instagram’s big shift? That was in July when he has noted that Instagram is now a photo and video sharing platform. Today, here’s something new for you! The platform combines feed post video and IGTV. It is an easier way to upload an Instagram video.

Instagram video is a unified video format on Instagram. In just an IG camera click, users can upload both short and long videos using new camera filters, people & location tags, and video trimmings. A new video tab allows users to find videos they want to watch on just one surface. Tapping video content transforms the view into full-screen mode. 

The new Instagram video combines feed post and IGTV insights. IGTV ads will now be called in-stream video ads. Eligible creators can now upload feed videos of up to 60 seconds in length. Video ads are still 15 seconds in length.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new Instagram video can boost the discovery of video content in the platform. For marketers, a combined feed post and video insights can help them know what is working or not on their Instagram campaign. In-stream video ads also make the process of IGTV marketing easier.


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