Announcing YouTube’s Black Voices Fund Application for 2023

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As part of building YouTube of the future, YouTube launched the Black Voices Fund two years ago. It aims to encourage more respectful interactions by battling misinformation and promoting inclusivity. Today, the platform is announcing YouTube’s Black Voices Fund Application for 2023.

YouTube Black Voices Fund aims to support Black artists, producers, and songwriters by giving them free resources and tools to thrive in the YouTube community. By showing their talents and uniqueness, they can amplify the experiences and perspectives of the Black community. Among the alumni of the Black Voices fund are:

The Black Voices Fund Application for the class of 2023 will start on 14 June 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube’s Black Voices Fund aims to promote inclusivity in the platform. For marketers, it can boost creative inspiration and sales by bringing YouTube content to a broader audience globally.


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