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We create product videos that accurately depict what your product is all about. We believe that the best product videos blend information and style together in a seamless fashion, and we at Double U video studio can make that happen.

Looking to boost your sales by using product videos for marketing? Then Double U Video studio is the place for you! In our studio, we have a team of experts that has years of experience in creating the type of promotional content that connects with consumers. Offering professional and high-quality service, we specialize in blending information with style effortlessly through video sequencing, making our customer’s products come alive visually on screen. What more can be said besides “Get moving today!”

Starbucks - Share Your Sip Face Case Video

RTHK Everywhere - 相聚

NP360 Video 2

GAP – Meet Wearlight- Main Video-01GAP – Meet Wearlight- Main Video

GAP - Meet Wearlight- Main Video

Dusty Kid-01RTHK Everywhere – DustyKid (1)

RTHK Everywhere - DustyKid


RTHK - Chocolate

GO Yakimon-01Yakimon Launch Campaign Case Video (1)

Yakimon Launch Campaign Case Video

solvil el titus-01solvil el titus

Solvil et Titus Slideshow Video