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Youtube Videos
As much as we love YouTube, it is a platform that has its share of problems.
There are so many different kinds of videos on the site, and most people can’t find what they’re looking for because there’s too much to choose from.
Aside from YouTube being a popular avenue for vloggers to share their day-to-day lives, we conceptualize videos fit for the whole YouTube audience, complete with animations and fun transitions to ensure a steadily growing subscriber list.
Double U Video helps you cut through all the clutter by producing your very own commercial video that you can use to promote your brand or business in an engaging way! We’ll help you come up with a concept and work with our team of animators to bring it to life. Our animations will help attract new viewers while also giving them something fun to watch! And best of all? You don’t have spend thousands on production costs since we offer our services at such competitive prices. By working together, we can achieve great things for your channel without breaking the bank.


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RTHK Everywhere - 時光

Yakimon Launch Campaign Case Video

GAP - Meet Wearlight- Main Video

RTHK Everywhere - 緣份

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